How to fold a stroller

Here’s How to Fold a Baby Stroller: Easiest Tricks for Your Busiest Days

How to fold a stroller

How to Fold a Stroller: Easiest Tricks for Your Busiest Days

Sometimes, things that look pretty simple like folding your baby stroller can be quite challenging to perform. All you need is the right steps and the right guidance to do it correctly. We’re here with all our weapons to put an end to your misery. If you properly follow the steps we’re about to show you, we bet it will not take more than 10 seconds for you to fold the stroller.

So, who wants to know how to fold a baby stroller without any hassle? Me! Because why waste time on a stroller in this busy world? So, let’s get started with the steps.


Quick Steps to Fold Your Baby Stroller


Wondering how you fold your stroller step by step but quickly? Here’s how –

Skim Through the User Manual

Most of the time, the answer you’re looking for is there in the manual provided to you with the product. But no one likes to go through a boring manual to fold a stroller.

Well, you don’t have to read out the manual if you’re smart. Just skim through it and see if there are any illustrations or quick steps shown to fold the stroller. This might just solve your problem right there.

Prepare the location

If you want to fold a stroller, you’ll need some room to lie or bend it down. For that, don’t start the process in a small area. Rather move to a spacious place and make sure there are no obstructions in your way when you’re in the process.

Set the Brakes and Locks

Most baby strollers come with brakes/ locks located at the rear wheels. Usually, all you have to do is to step on that lock and lock it down. So that your stroller doesn’t move away when you’re folding it.

But this step varies from one brand to another. Again, strollers of several brands don’t include any brakes or locks as well. In that case, skip this step and carry on with the next one.

Close the Canopy

Canopy refers to the small shed that remains on the top of your baby’s head when it’s inside the stroller. Pretty much all strollers have a canopy, other than a few exceptions. So, before you fold the main structure of the stroller, you have to close the canopy.

For that, just hold the front outline of the canopy and drag it backward. This should be enough. Now let’s move ahead.

Remove Extra Accessories from the Basket

There is a small fabric shelf or basket below the seat of the stroller. Usually, it is used to keep different necessary accessories for the baby.

If you have any object or accessory left on that basket, just remove it. You can’t fold your baby stroller with accessories on it.

Remove the Bumper

Right in front of your baby’s seat, there is a bumper surrounding its front part. The main purpose of this bumper is to ensure the safety of the child when the stroller is moving. Other than that, it also works like a hand rest, if your baby is a little grown-up.

You have to remove this bumper to fold the stroller. To do that, just hold the bumper from two sides tightly and slide it towards the front and it will come out. Keep it aside and move forward.

Lift the Central Lever

At the middle bottom of the backside of the stroller, you will notice a thin lever. This lever works like a lock to keep the stroller in its shape.

Use your feet to push the lever upwards to unlock it.

Pull Down the Lock Lever

Now, locate a lock lever at the two sides of the bottom of the stroller. These levers are balancing and hold the seat of the stroller straight.

Again, use your feet to push just one of the two levers down. And make sure you’re holding the upper handle of the stroller tightly while doing it.

Push the Stroller Forward

While you’re pressing the lock lever, push the upper handle you’re holding forward. You should be able to see the stroller sliding down and going flat on the ground. That’s it!

Congrats! You successfully folded the stroller.

If you have twins then the process will be the same as a single stroller. if you are planning to get a double stroller, you can check our “Best Double stroller Guide

Let’s Get Specific About Some Brands

Though most baby stroller brands fold the way described above, a few steps might differ within the brands. Take a look. Might help you if you’re using one of these brands.


Graco Strollers


In the case of Graco strollers, usually, the stroller seats are removable. So, you have to remove the stroller seat first, before folding it.

Moreover, there might or might not be a push button on the handle for controlled folding. Again, in some Graco strollers, just pulling a belt at the middle of the seat upwards, folds it by itself.


BOB Strollers


In the case of the BOB strollers, there are a few additional steps after you glide it using the upper handle. After gliding forwards, the stroller will be half-folded. Then, you need to pull a red belt on the backside of the folded seat to make it flat.

Moreover, after the folding, there are red buckles that are required to be connected to lock the folded stroller.


Baby Trend Strollers

Like some Graco Strollers, Baby Trend strollers are also folded by pulling a belt at the middle of the seat upwards. It is the easiest and quickest stroller folding method.




Can I fold the stroller when it’s a bit wet?

No, it’s highly not recommended to fold your stroller wet. Because if you do so, the next time you open your stroller, you will find it smelly and covered with mold.

Rather let your stroller dry first and once you’re sure that the stroller is completely dry, proceed with the folding process.


My stroller does not look the right shape after folding. What should I do?


The purpose of a folding stroller is to reduce the space required to store it. So, if after folding the stroller, it seems too bent and takes too much space, there must be a problem to be addressed.

Usually, this can be caused due to a warped or bent frame. Sometimes, due to constant heat and pressure on the stroller, it gradually loses the shape of the frame and gets warped. You have to fix or replace the frame in that case.

Again, in another case, check whether there is any item or object left on your stroller that you have missed. That might as well cause it to not fold properly.


Why my stroller doesn’t fold smoothly?

Maybe because the gliding frame of the stroller is jammed or rusted. Usually, the frames of the stroller are made of plastic or stainless steel, so there is a very chance of it getting rusted.

But due to constant, friction and dust build-up, it might get jammed or lose its smooth surface texture. Hence, it feels a bit resistive while folding.

When you face such things, you can use a lubricant to make the frame surface slippery. Then, you should be able to fold smoothly again.

Will it break if I fold it forcefully?


There is a great chance, it will. Whenever you fold your stroller, make sure you’re being gentle. If you try to fold it roughly, you will cause problems for yourself. There is a good chance for the folding to go wrong and the stroller gets warped.

Therefore, the gentler you handle your stroller while folding it, the quicker you can fold it without facing such issues.


What is the best location for folding a stroller?

The best location for folding a stroller would be someplace with an ample amount of space for movement.

Firstly, there are a few steps of folding the stroller for which you need some space around you. And secondly, the stroller needs to lie down on the floor without any obstruction during the final step of folding.

Other than that, make sure your children are not around when you’re folding. Because children love interrupting. Especially if you have a toddler. Also, keep your infant baby away as well. Because it might put a finger on when you’re folding and get hurt before you know.


What is the best place to keep a folded stroller?

The best place to keep a stroller will be in any corner of the room which is not quite in sight. Because let’s be honest. Folded strollers don’t look very pleasant to showcase.

Also, it is better if you keep it away from the sight of the children, as they might want to touch it and accidents may happen when you aren’t around.

Best if you keep it trapped between two pieces of furniture. Or maybe in the space between a wardrobe and the wall.


So, All Set?

The steps might look a lot when you’re reading but if you try them while going through the above instructions, which we hope you did, it gets much easier than you imagined it would be.

So, if you haven’t folded your baby stroller yet, what are you waiting for? We gave you all about how to fold a stroller you needed. Now it’s your time for action.


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