Can you feed newborn in stroller

Can You Feed Newborn in Stroller: Let’s Talk Facts

Can you feed newborn in stroller

Can You Feed Newborn in Stroller: Let’s Talk Facts


Most new parents go through this dilemma after getting a baby stroller, which is, whether they should feed the baby in the stroller or not. And if not the stroller, then what’s the alternative? There are very few reliable answers to this question.

While many people suggest avoiding feeding the baby in the stroller, many others argue it’s fine if you do so.

And so, here we are to help you with the most logical answer to the question, “Can you feed newborn in stroller”. To get yourself out of this dilemma, keep on reading!

Should I Feed a Newborn in a Stroller?

The baby stroller is an integral part of the baby’s upbringing. The baby spends a lot of time every day in its stroller and more time when it’s outside. And so, most baby strollers are designed to ensure all the comfort and necessities of a baby throughout the day. And these also include feeding the baby.

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Even if you’re a new parent, you might have already realized that a baby gets hungry a lot sooner than an adult. Therefore, keeping that in mind, most baby strollers come with a detachable or foldable tray in front of the seat for easier baby feeding.

However, that’s not much of a help for a newborn who only feeds on milk. Thus, there are much more considerations you need to maintain if you want to feed your newborn in a stroller.

Hence, whether it is a good idea or not depends on various factors that we are about to discuss in this article.

Can I Feed a Newborn in a Moving Stroller?

Eating or drinking in a moving vehicle often leads to motion sickness in people, let alone babies. That’s why feeding a newborn in a moving stroller is highly discouraged. Not only does it have the risk of motion sickness in your baby but also various other issues.

This includes choking, spilling, vomiting, breathing problems, gastric issues, and a complete mess on the stroller. Eating while moving makes your baby uncomfortable and it cannot focus on the food properly.

Therefore, it is far better that if you have to feed your newborn in the stroller, you stop it somewhere and then let your baby finish its food in peace.

Can I Bottle Feed a Newborn in a Stroller? 


Bottle feeding is a much more convenient option when it comes to newborn feeding in the stroller.  Because bottles are handy and less likely to spill. Moreover, bottle feeding doesn’t require too much work for the baby.

And so, it is also preferable for a moving stroller. However, a few precautions that have to be maintained while bottle feeding in a stroller are that the baby should be in a seating position and should be unbelted.

Because if the baby drinks anything laying down, the liquid might travel through the eustachian tube and cause serious infections or discomfort.

And unfastening the belt wrapping the baby is needed to give the baby enough space and freedom to drink while sitting in the stroller.

Can I Feed Baby Solids in the Stroller?

Firstly, if your baby is a newborn, you should not feed it solids anyway. But if you feel like your baby is capable and grown up enough to have solid food, still avoid serving them in the stroller.

Because intaking solids in the stroller has a higher risk of choking hazards. Sitting in a stroller, your baby will not be able to completely concentrate on the food. But eating solids requires the baby’s concentration so that it doesn’t choke.

For that reason, it is safer to avoid solids for a newborn moving in a stroller. Yet, if it gets too tough to avoid it, extra precautions and proper monitoring and supervision should be maintained.

When Should I Feed Your Newborn in a Stroller?

Though feeding a newborn in a stroller isn’t a crime, it is quite discouraged. So, even if there are good arrangements and precautions for the baby to be fed in a stroller, when there is an alternative, it should be avoided.

However, now the question is, then, when should you feed your newborn in a stroller?

When there is no option but to feed the newborn in the stroller, you can opt for it. Such as, when going for a walk or shopping with your newborn and not finding a place to sit.

Other than that, if you have the option to sit with your newborn and feed it static and peacefully, that would be the best option.

Tips on How to Feed a Newborn in Stroller

Here are a few tips that might help when you feed your newborn in a stroller.


Ensure Safety


Ensure a few safety measures while feeding your newborn in a stroller. Such as unstrapping the baby and making sure the belt is wrapped around the stroller seat and not the baby.

Moreover, check if the seat and the tray of the stroller are installed properly. If your stroller has wheel brakes, set the brakes.

Supervise the Entire Time


If your newborn is grown enough to use its hands to take food, monitor it eating by itself the whole time until the food is finished. And if you’re the one feeding the newborn, keep it under your complete supervision even when it’s swallowing.

Don’t Move Down the Road


In case you are feeding your baby while the stroller is moving, first, make sure it’s super slow. Second, try to avoid any bumps or downhill ways. Third, don’t move the stroller backward as it increases the chances of motion sickness.

Give It Some Time After Feeding


After feeding your baby, don’t immediately fasten the seat belt. Wait for some time until your baby feels less loaded and try to make your baby burp.

And if you were feeding the baby without movement of the stroller, it is better to maintain that for some time before you start moving with it.

Use a Plastic Mat


Before feeding in the stroller, you can place a silicone or plastic mat on the tray and/ or the seat of the baby stroller. So that the spills from the meal don’t make the stroller dirty.

A dirty stroller is extremely bad for the health of the baby. Besides, if not appropriately cleaned, mold will grow on it. So, why face the hassle when you have a better solution?

What Should You Avoid Feeding a Newborn in a Stroller?


There is a list of food that one must avoid feeding in the stroller. These foods are directly or indirectly hazardous when fed in a stroller and can cause severe discomfort within the baby.

Here goes the list –

Hot meal: might cause discomfort within the baby.

Grapes or cherry tomatoes: extremely risky for choking hazards.

Carbonated drinks: can cause severe gas within the baby.

Caffeine: can cause the baby’s stomach to be upset or might cause vomit.




How to burp a newborn in a stroller?


Making your baby burp accelerates the digestion process and lessens the after-effects of eating. Thus, it is better if you can do it after feeding your baby.

For that, you can make your baby sit straight upright and then, rub its back. Most times, after a few rubbing sessions, the baby burps.


When can babies feed themselves a bottle?


Usually, babies can bottle-feed themselves after 6 months. However, not all babies are the same. Many babies take about 9 to 10 months to learn how to grab a bottle and drink without spilling. However, even after a baby learns to feed by itself, supervision is required for up to 6 more months.


What do you feed your baby while driving?


While you’re driving, dried foods are better options to feed a baby. It can be dried cereals, oatmeal, crackers, mini waffles, and so on. If your baby is too little to have these, a bottle full of milk or baby food should also do. Just don’t serve it hot.

Can you breastfeed your baby in the car seat?


Breastfeeding the baby in the car seat is not really a good move. As the car has a closed environment, breastfeeding restricts the movement and respiration of the baby in the car. This might lead to suffocation in the baby.

Rather, pumping the breast milk in a bottle and feeding the baby bit by bit in the car is a much better option.


Got Your Answer, or Still Confused?


In short, if you ask “Can you feed newborn in stroller”, in one word the answer would be yes. But now you know that it’s much more complicated than just a simple yes. There are a lot of things you need to take care of.

So, the decision is yours at the end of the day. Make it wisely!


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