how to clean a stroller

How to Clean a Stroller on a Lazy Day : Save Your Energy for Another Day

how to clean a stroller

When your baby stroller looks dirtier than ever and it really needs some quick cleaning, the first thing that comes to your mind is all that hassle. Cleaning a stroller can really be quite a tiring task unless you’re smart.

But don’t worry. Now that you’re here, we’ll help you act smart, not hard on cleaning your stroller. We’re about to reveal all the secrets regarding a quick and easy cleaning of a baby stroller.

So, if you’re excited to know how to clean a stroller most efficiently without a lot of energy-draining, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started with the steps.


What Can I Use to Clean a Baby Stroller

  • User manual
  • Duster
  • Soap
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Spare pieces of clothes/ Rags
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • Hard-bristled brush
  • Small spare toothbrush
  • Disinfectant wipes


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • All-purpose paper
  • Wooden grilling skewer


  1. Take a Quick Look Through the Manual

Many times, the answer we’re looking for is already given in the manual but we don’t bother to check it even once. As people tend to believe, “Manuals are useless and exaggerated”. But sometimes, when you’re struggling to maintain a product, the manual comes of great help.

Therefore, it’s better to take a quick look through the user manual of the baby stroller to get the best cleaning directions for the product. Most of the time, there are steps of cleaning described with illustrations which are extremely helpful to easily carry out the cleaning process.


  1. Vacuum or Brush Off the Loose Dirt

The fundamental step for starting off the cleaning would be removing the loose dirt. For that, you can brush off the whole stroller using the duster brush. And then, vacuum cleans the fabric parts, that include, the seat, the canopy, and the under-seat pocket/basket.

Moreover, if the seat and the canopy are detachable, vacuum them after detaching. Or simply, just shake the seat and the canopy fabric vigorously to remove all the dirt and dust from it.


  1. Remove the Detachable Parts


Trust us when we say, cleaning the stroller part by part makes the process much easier than cleaning it wholly. Hence, removing as many detachable parts as possible is encouraged for efficient and proper cleaning.

Now, you might think, this will be more of a hassle to do. But it really isn’t. It reduces the hassle of cleaning an entire complex structure of a baby stroller. Moreover, most of the dirt remains within the joints of the stroller which is not cleaned if the parts aren’t detached.

  1. Clean the Fabric

You can clean the fabric items either in the machine or manually. Just use a small proportion of detergent according to the size of the fabric. And then, if you’re doing it manually, rinse and scrub properly after soaking it in the soap water.

And if you’re cleaning it in the machine, just load the fabric items in the washing machine, load the detergent, and let the machine do the rest of the work.


  1. Remove Spots and Stubborn Grimes

A baby stroller is always on continuous exposure to spills of baby food, vomit, saliva, pee, and other staining liquids. And so, within a very short time, the stroller gets quite dirty and catches several spots.

To remove these spots and stubborn grimes, you can use a toothbrush and a cleaning spray or a spot remover spray.  Spray a little on the spots and the grime, and then use a toothbrush to scrub vigorously until clean or at least, faded.


  1. Clean the Frame

Done cleaning the fabric items? Now it’s time for the main iron/ plastic frame. To clean the frame, you need to prepare a small bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Then, soak the sponge in soapy water and rinse the frame.

First, rinse with soapy water and then, with normal water. After that, wipe the entire frame surface with a dry piece of cloth to remove the water droplets. Don’t skip this part and keep it for air dry, as your stroller frame will have marks of water droplets once dry.


  1. Cleanse the Inaccessible Areas

There are several inaccessible areas in the complex structure of a baby stroller. But dirt and grime never fail to reach them. And so, your biggest mission while cleaning a stroller is identifying and terminating the dirt from those areas.


For that, a toothbrush dipped in soapy water can be a good weapon. But it can’t always reach into the gaps of the crevices and cracks. Thus, for those areas that are extremely difficult to reach, you can use a wooden grilling skewer to extract the dirt from the deep.


  1. Detach the Wheels and Clean it

Wheels are the dirtiest element of any stroller. Because it directly contacts the ground and attaches all the dirt on its surface. But the good news is since stroller wheels are mostly made of plastic, the dirt gets off very quickly after being wiped with disinfectant properly.

If you don’t want to do it with disinfectant, simply use warm soapy water and an all-purpose paper to wipe off the dirt from the wheels. But first, check whether the wheels are detachable or not. Detaching the wheels will make it easier to clean them.


  1. Wash the Accessories

Don’t forget to clean the accessories of the stroller as well. They are usually like other baby utensils and so, cleaning them with mild detergent and wiping them with baby-safe wipes should do the work.


  1. Disinfect

Anything used by a baby is considered sensitive and always requires steps of disinfecting before use. It is important for the equipment used by the baby to be absolutely germ-free and safe for the baby.

Hence, in every stroller cleaning method, it is mandatory to disinfect it entirely using disinfectant wipes.


  1. Air Dry and Reassemble


Last but not the least, keep all the parts of the stroller under a fan or sunlight to air dry completely. And then, reassemble. Don’t do it vice versa, as many narrow areas will not dry properly after reassembling and mold will take over with time.


How to Wash a Stroller that is Moldy?

When the stroller is stored wet or placed near a damp wall or surface, it may grow mold. Mold might look quite nasty but it is kind of easy to get rid of them.

All you need to do is to keep it in the sun, then brush off the visible spores. Then, scrub the moldy areas of the stroller in soapy water. Lastly, disinfect it and keep it again under sunlight. That should be enough to kill all the mold.


How to Prevent Mold and Meadow from Growing?

Mold and meadow might be easier to remove, but their existence until removed is very harmful to health. It leads to various respiratory and allergic reactions. Moreover, it reduces the lifespan of the product and harshly reduces the quality.

Therefore, preventing the growth of mold and meadow is an essential part of the maintenance of a stroller. This is how you can ensure that –


(i) Proper Ventilation

Mold and meadows usually grow in dark, damp, and congested places. Thus, while storing it, make sure you’re choosing a place with proper ventilation and is not damp.


(ii) Storing Dry

Never ever store your stroller wet. Wet strollers are most responsible for the growth of mold. Many times, people miss out on wet surfaces on the stroller and store them. Thus, proper checking is needed.


(iv) Brushing Regularly

Make brushing and casual stroller cleaning a habit. This prevents the growth of various germs and bugs alongside mold and meadows. You might feel a little lazy about it but come on, health comes first, both yours and your baby’s.




Do I need to clean my baby stroller?

Absolutely, no doubt. A baby stroller is an item used by your baby on a regular basis. And don’t forget that the baby doesn’t have immunity as strong as you. Hence, an uncleaned baby stroller might lead to various health and hygiene issues in your baby.

Should I call a professional cleaner?

If your stroller is out of use for a very long time and mold has grown all over it, then calling a professional would be safer. And it’s better to call someone expert in the brand of stroller you use.

But you don’t necessarily have to call an expert every time it needs to be cleaned. That would just waste your money.

And if the condition of your stroller is too bad, it is high time you changed it. In case you need a new stroller, check out the best stroller for twins and the best stroller for Disney.


How often should I clean the stroller?


It is better to clean the stroller regularly. Maybe not a complete wash but some casual brushing and cleaning is encouraged. Other than that, a stroller’s weekly washing must be maintained.


Can I wash the moldy stroller seat in the washing machine?

It is a really bad idea. Because the mold might spread to other things and contaminate them. Washing machines aren’t appropriate for removing mold. So, it’s better not to try it.


Done Cleaning?

Now that you know how to clean a stroller in the most efficient way, from now on, don’t fear cleaning it anymore.

Anyway, get yourself cleaned now, and thank us later!

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