How to choose a stroller

How to Choose a Good Stroller in 2023

How to choose a stroller

How to Choose a Good Stroller in 2023

The stroller has always been a game changer for new parents who are willing to go for a walk or outing with their kids. The importance of a good stroller is unquestionable. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a good stroller in 2023.

There are a huge number of strollers out in the market. But we need to choose the best one. After Reading this full article we believe you will be an expert in choosing a good stroller. We a group of pediatricians have researched and come up few topics that need to keep in my while choosing a good stroller. Those are,

  • Price
  • Lifestyle
  • Size of your family
  • Comfortability
  • Adjustability
  • Storage Facilities
  • Stroller Weight
  • Stroller Frame
  • Washable fabric
  • Wheels and Brake
  • Sun protection canopy
  • Warranty & Certifications
  • Car Seat compatibility

Price –

Price is always a big issue for buying anything. Most new Parents have very less knowledge about the price of a good stroller. Usually, a stroller is cost around $100-$1000. But if you are searching for a good stroller you must spend more than $ 100. An average price of a good stroller is $250. One thing always keeps in mind is that the higher the price, the higher the features. Most of the expansive strollers are full of different features. So our advice will be don’t go for the cheapest one. The cheapest strollers are always not that good. Always try to buy medium-budget strollers.

Lifestyle –

A parent’s lifestyle is an important thing to keep in mind while choosing a good stroller. You have to choose the stroller type according to your lifestyle. For example, if you live in the countryside where the roads are not as good as in cities then you must choose an all-terrain stroller. Likewise, if you are a health-conscious parent & never miss jogging you must go for a jogging stroller.

Size of your family

If you already have one child and expecting another or twins, then you must go for a double stroller. There is a lot of good quality double stroller out in the market. We have already done one in-depth review about the best stroller for twins . You can read this.
On the other hand, if you have only one child or expecting one child then you should go for single strollers.

Comfortability –

Comfortability is very important in choosing a good stroller. If your newborn or infant is not comfortable with the stroller then they might cry or scream when you keep them in the stroller. Likewise, if you are not comfortable with the stroller, you cannot use it properly.

Our suggestion will be to read some in-depth reviews before buying the product.

Adjustability –

Different parents have different heights, walking positions, or speeds. To keep that in mind stroller companies make the stroller handle adjustable. So that everyone can enjoy walking while using the stroller. Moreover, not all kids have the same height, sitting position, or comfort. That’s why adjusting seats are very important for strollers. One must keep it in mind before buying the stroller.

Storage Facilities –

When you travel with a kid you have to carry a lot of stuff like baby foods, child clothes, and diapers. You cannot maintain a stroller and all of the staff alone. that’s why strollers have a storage facility.

Always choose a stroller with big storage, otherwise, you can’t keep all the necessary staff in the storage.

Stroller Weight –

Sometimes you have to carry the stroller, fold it or keep it in your car trunk. Besides you have to keep a lot of staffs like diapers, clothes, baby foods, or other things which makes the stroller heavier. Parents have to face difficulty to push the stroller. This is why a lightweight stroller is very important.

Stroller Frame –

The stroller frame should not be so heavy and should be made of good material.


Washable fabric –

We know kids are messy. They drop food, split on the seats, and sometimes soaked through the diapers. If you cannot wash the fabric of the stroller, after a few months the stroller will not be useable. It will stink. That’s why the washable fabric is important for a good stroller.

Wheels and Brake –

A good stroller should always have a good-quality wheel and braking system. The safety depends more on the braking system. Consider a braking system and wheels before buying a good stroller.

Sun protection canopy –

A long canopy will protect the child from the sun and also gives privacy. Some Canopies are waterproof and sun rays protected. Before buying the stroller check if the stroller has long waterproof canopies or not.


Warranty & Certifications –

A good product will always have a warranty for a limited period of time. Also, you will feel safe will purchasing a product with a warranty. Us Government has already set a standard for strollers.

Also, There are multiple organizations that conduct in-depth research and provide certificates as a sign of good quality. There are multiple certificates like EN 1888, JPMA, CPSC, etc. Always try to buy certified strollers. They are undoubtedly good in quality.

Car Seat compatibility –

There are multiple strollers that can be integrated with a car seat. If you choose a stroller that can be integrated with a car seat then you don’t have to buy an extra car seat for your toddler. Car seat compatibility is a good feature of a good stroller.


Types of Stroller

In this article we understand, how to choose a good stroller. Before we wrap up our article we want to give a brief idea about the types of strollers. There are many types of strollers in the market but the major types are,

  • Full-size Stroller
  • Double Stroller
  • All-terrain Stroller
  • Jogging Stroller
  • Wagon Stroller
  • Travel system

Full-Size Stroller

A full-size stroller is the best option for newborns. You can use it from day one of birth. It usually has four wheels. Two wheels are used as steering and the other two are for maintaining stability.

Double Stroller –

If you are expecting twins or you already have one child and expecting another, then a double stroller is for you. Two babies can fit in a double stroller. The same parents can maintain two children with the help of a double stroller.

All-Terrain Stroller –

All-Terrain Strollers are strollers with three wheels and usually, the wheels are air-filled wheels. These types of strollers are best for off-roads, hiking, countryside, etc.

Jogging Stroller –

With the name, we can see that these types of strollers are suitable for jogging. There are health-conscious parents who always go jogging every day. A jogging stroller is appropriate for them.


Wagon Stroller

A wagon stroller is a stroller with four wheels. Usually Larger than regular strollers and rectangular size. For a huge space, two babies can easily fit on a wagon stroller, and often rather than pushing parents to pull the stroller.

Travel system –

A travel system is a type of stroller in which the seat can be removed and used as a car seat. It’s a very good option for newborns. You easily can transfer your newborn from a stroller to the car seat without waking them up. These types of strollers are ideal for newborns.

In this article, we discussed how to choose a good stroller. We believe this will help you to choose the first stroller for your kids.

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