Do i need a stroller for a newborn

Do I Need a Stroller for a Newborn: Is It Really the Best Option?

Do I Need a Stroller for a Newborn

Do I Need a Stroller for a Newborn: Is It Really the Best Option?


Being a parent for the first time is a confusing period of life. People new to parenting often get puzzled while making some of the simplest decisions for their children. Such as whether to get a stroller for the newborn or how to put a newborn in a stroller.

They often seem confused about when to get a stroller for the baby, what kind of stroller to get, how to use it, and so on.

We often find parents of newborns asking “Do I need a stroller for a newborn”. While many suggest they should, many others suggest the opposite, escalating the confusion. So, here we are to show you both sides of the coin to make it easier for you to decide what you prefer.

Here it goes!

How Important a Stroller is for a Newborn?

Now, if you ask whether getting a stroller is inevitable for a newborn, we’ll say not really. But that doesn’t change the fact that strollers are one of the most useful media for the baby’s transportation.

Just think about it. How uncomfortable and risky it is to carry your baby from one place to another for a long time, isn’t it? Often carrying babies for too long causes the limbs to get numb and many times causes nerve pain.

To avoid that, a stroller is angel equipment. It provides a safe and comfortable place for your little one to rest while you run errands or take a stroll around the park.

A stroller allows you to easily transport your baby from one place to another while keeping them secure and comfortable.

Hence, it might not be the most important thing for your newborn but investing in a quality stroller will provide peace of mind and convenience for years to come.


What is the Best Age for a Baby to Use a Stroller?

This depends on what stroller you’re planning to use. While many strollers are designed for newborns, many others are better preferred for babies older than 6 months and toddlers.

However, it is said that the best age for getting a stroller for a baby is after 6 months. Because some babies are not prepared for strollers before that. Many babies are born sensitive and prefer the warmth of their parent’s arms.

Hence, can you put a newborn in any stroller? Nope. For newborns, choosing the right stroller designed for infants is very important.

Most strollers have seats encouraging the sitting position. But for a baby as sensitive as a newborn, a sitting position is too early to practice and might lead to several developmental issues.

So, how to use a stroller for a newborn, and can a newborn lay in a stroller? Usually, the ones with flattened and well-padded beds or seats are the best options for newborns as they allow the newborn to lay on them.

Will I Regret Not Taking a Stroller?

The best advantage of a stroller is that you don’t have to carry the weight. There have been several cases where carrying babies for too long has caused severe pain in the limbs and joints of the parents along with numbness.

To avoid all these issues, a stroller is the best investment. However, if you’re not someone who travels with the baby a lot, then you can choose not to buy a stroller. Then, when should you buy a stroller for a newborn?

If your baby is a newborn, there is nothing wrong with waiting for at least 4 to 6 months. See if you feel the need for a stroller. If you do, don’t hesitate to go for it. But if you don’t, what are you going to regret anyway?


Why Would I Prefer a Stroller for My Newborn?


Now let’s talk business. If you’re curious to know what advantages a stroller will provide to your newborn, keep reading.

Easy Locomotion

Strollers ensure easier movement of the baby from one place to another. While there are several other alternatives to a stroller, none provides a movement as smooth as a stroller.

Because strollers are simply like trolleys with much more convenient pushing and handling options.

No Bearing Load

Another great advantage of a stroller that we have already mentioned a couple of times in this article is not having to carry the child by yourself. It is really helpful when you’re out with your baby for a long time.

For example, suppose you plan to visit Disney with your child, it will be really difficult to carry the baby throughout the whole day without a stroller.

Hence, several strollers are designed keeping amusement parks like Disney in mind. You can check Best Strollers for Disney for more.


Safer Option

Even though you’re the child’s parent and you definitely ensure its absolute safety when it’s in your arms. But accidents are not always in our control. If you stumble while walking through the road, your baby might slip from your arms.

And so, a baby stroller is a much safer option as it ensures the complete safety of the baby with strong fixtures and a double seatbelt.

Storing Baby Items

When you’re traveling with your baby, there are several things you have to keep near to you as a necessity for the baby such as water or milk bottles, extra diapers, napkins, and so on.

A stroller is a one-way solution to carry all this together without the need for any extra baggage.

Durable and Long-Lasting

The stroller’s frame is usually made from aluminum or steel, which provides strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

Moreover, the fabric used for the seat, canopy, and other parts of the stroller is typically a durable, breathable material like polyester or nylon.

So, a baby stroller might easily last for several years. You can use the same baby stroller for your second and third as well!

Why I May Not Prefer a Stroller for My Newborn


While to many parents, a baby stroller is a blessing, many parents don’t tend to prefer owning one. And here are a few reasons why.

Comparatively Costly

Baby strollers are usually quite expensive compared to other alternatives. And that is why parents who aren’t ready to spend the amount required, avoid purchasing it. They go for other affordable options.

Placing and Parking is a Hassle

A baby stroller is quite bulky and consumes a lot of space. And therefore, traveling on a narrower surface with it is always a challenge. Moreover, finding the right place to park the stroller without it being a hurdle in the middle of the road is difficult as well.

Heavy and Restricts Speed

You can’t move quickly with a baby stroller. It restricts your velocity. So, if you need to go somewhere quickly and you have a stroller with you, it will get extremely hard for you. Thus, it’s better not to buy one if you’re a public transport user.

Useful for a Limited Period


A stroller is only useful as long as your child is a baby or a toddler. Once the child grows up, it is totally useless. And hence, many parents hire or repurchase from other parents.


Is There a Better Alternative?


There are a few alternatives to a baby stroller. But are they better? That’s your place to decide. Below mentioned are a few popular alternatives to baby strollers.

  • Sling: A baby sling is a piece of cloth that is wide and folded in a way that allows a baby to be held in a cradled position, either lying down or seated as they grow older, within the folded section of the sling.


  • Baby Carrier: A baby carrier is a type of gear that looks like a fabric backpack, which you can wear to keep your baby close to your chest. Nowadays, there are various designs of baby carriers available that let you take your baby in your front or at the back just like a bag pack.


  • Baby Wrap: A baby wrap is a piece of soft fabric that is wrapped around your body to keep your baby close and secure against you.





Can I use a stroller every day for my newborn?


Yes, why not. But make sure you clean it properly at the end of the day. A newborn baby in stroller that is dirty would be a severe health concern.


Can I use a stroller at home to keep my newborn?


Sure. But should you put a newborn in a stroller at home for too long ? Think about it. A newborn might get bored of laying on a stroller at home and might feel ignored as well. We don’t want that. Do we?


Can I have a stroller for multiple babies?


Absolutely. There are specialized strollers for twins, triplets, and quadruplets. However, though strollers for twins are quite common, triplets’ and quadruplets’ strollers are a bit rare to find. If you’re looking for a good stroller for your twins, visiting Best Stroller for Twins might help you.



Take Your Time


Still, questioning yourself, “Do I need a stroller”? It’s okay. Since a stroller is not a very cheap item, you should think deeply about the advantages and the disadvantages that we’ve mentioned here.


Then, make your decision wisely!

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